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Proposed Settlement Could Help to Mitigate Lead Paint Hazards from Thousands of California Homes

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and test kits to identify lead exposure risks from indoor and outdoor samples.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 20th , 2018 The VC Star recently published an article about a proposed multimillion dollar settlement of a public nuisance lawsuit filed by Santa Clara County. The lawsuit, filed back in 2000, was against three lead paint manufacturers. One of those companies has reportedly agreed to settle and pay approximately $60 million into a fund that would be used to remediate lead-based paints from homes in California. In the past, lead was added to paints used inside and outside of homes and other buildings due.......[Read More] [All News]

Are California Preschoolers Being Exposed to Elevated Levels of VOCs in the Air they Breathe?

LA Testing provides air testing services to help ensure that students, teachers and other building occupants are not being exposed to chemical or microbial hazards.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 15th , 2018 Teachers and parents of young children in California have taken notice of an article that was recently published by WPVI about a University of Missouri study that looked at indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in daycare centers and preschools. The article, “Study raising eyebrows about indoor air quality in child care centers,” creates concerns for parents who depend on these facilities to watch over their children for hours each day. According to the report, an air monitoring.......[Read More] [All News]

California Companies Advised of Improper Eyewash Station Maintenance Resulting in Microbial Exposure Risks

LA Testing provides analytical services and sampling supplies to identify contamination issues to protect workers from environmental exposure hazards.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 14th , 2018 Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries. These injuries cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses and worker compensation according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). In California, Cal/OSHA requires the presence of emergency eyewash stations in various circumstances to allow workers to wash away chemicals, biological agents and other substances to help mitigate eye injuries. These eyewash.......[Read More] [All News]

Private Preschool in California Closed for Business Due to Lead Exposure Hazards

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and test kits to identify lead hazards from air, paint, dust, soil and water samples.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 13th , 2018 KGET recently broadcasted a report about concerns over exposure to lead hazards at a Bakersfield, California preschool. According to the station, the preschool became the focus of potential lead exposure risks after a child that attended the school was found to have elevated blood lead levels. The Environmental Health Division of Kern Public Health got involved and evaluated the facility for lead. The agency found paint and soil levels from samples taken by the playground, which were.......[Read More] [All News]

California Residents Provided AC Maintenance Tips to Help Ensure a Comfortable Indoor Environment and Superior Air Quality

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and test kits to identify indoor environmental pollutants spread by HVAC systems.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 9th , 2018 Just a few weeks into the hot summer season and most residents of California have had their air conditioners running in their homes and offices for some time already. A properly functioning central air conditioner provides a comfortable indoor environment for building occupants and depending on where people live, air conditioning could be an absolute necessity this time of year. Maintaining the air conditioner is an important step to ensure it works properly, efficiently and provides good.......[Read More] [All News]

Fire at California Apartment Complex Displaces Residents and Leaves Behind Indoor Environmental Quality Concerns

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and easy-to-use test kits to identify smoke and water damage, residues, odors and more following a fire.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 8th , 2018 The East Bay Times recently published a report about a fire at an East Oakland apartment complex that took over two dozen firefighters to put out the flames. According to the article, residents from the unit where the fire took place lost their home as did other residents that lived in nearby units damaged by smoke and water.  Fires in multi-tenant complexes can create a tremendous amount of smoke that typically travels throughout multiple floors and units of a structure. This smoke is.......[Read More] [All News]

California City Encourages Residents to Improve Indoor Air Quality Conditions for a Healthier Home

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and test kits to identify indoor environmental contaminants in all types of homes and buildings.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 6th , 2018 Recently, the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability partnered with a non-profit organization to host several workshops. The events were meant to support homeowners and new homebuyers in making their homes healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly. A key component to achieving these goals, covered in these learning opportunities, involved indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. According to the city’s description of the workshops, “Energy efficiency upgrades don’t just.......[Read More] [All News]

California Elementary School Recovers from Expensive Flood Damage

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies, inspection tools and indoor environmental quality test kits to identify contaminants.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 1st , 2018 Not too long ago, the Merced Sun-Star published an article about flood damage surrounding an elementary school in Merced County. According to the report, a strong storm earlier this year caused a creek to overflow its bank and flood four classrooms and a library with about a half a foot of water. The article states that the repairs could cost the school district up to one million dollars to return the building to safe conditions for students and faculty. A few inches of water can cause.......[Read More] [All News]