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California Company Recalls Complete Line of Products Due to Salmonella Concerns

LA Testing provides laboratory services to identify Salmonella and other foodborne pathogens.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 23rd, 2021 A California company recently announced a voluntary recall of all their food products. It includes multiple types of brie, an artichoke spinach dip, and a vegan ranch dressing. The announcement was posted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recall list and states that the agency has preliminary confirmation of Salmonella in the brie products containing cashews. The company also reported it is working with the FDA to isolate the source of the pathogen in samples collected.......[Read More] [All News]

Mold Issues Force Some California Students into Portable Classrooms for Over Two Years

LA Testing offers mold testing services, sampling supplies, test kits, and building inspection tools to identify water damage and humidity issues that can lead to microbial growth.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 18th, 2021 High school students in a Northern California town that was founded during the gold rush will have waited over two years before leaving portable classrooms and returning to their main school, according to a recent news broadcast station based in California. The reason behind the long wait was due to the extensive mold and asbestos removal, and rebuilding activities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for mold to begin to grow indoors when moisture is present and countless schools across the.......[Read More] [All News]

Are California Residents Living Near General Aviation Airports at Risk of Lead Exposure?

LA Testing offers air, dust, soil, water, and other environmental testing services to identify lead exposure risks.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 16th, 2021 A popular television broadcasting company recently published an article about piston-engine aircraft that still use leaded gas and potential exposure risks for people living near some airports. The piece highlighted the health and financial struggles of an individual that lived near a general aviation airport in California. Aviation gasoline (avgas) for piston engine aircraft are the only remaining lead-containing transportation fuel. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), avgas.......[Read More] [All News]

California Residents Advised of Efforts by the Federal Government to Ban Asbestos-Containing Products and Materials

LA Testing offers laboratory services, sampling supplies, and test kits to detect asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 14th, 2021 Thousands of different asbestos-containing products and building materials were once available for purchase in California. Its far-reaching use was due to the many unique properties that the mineral fiber offered manufacturers. Tragically, it was also known for some time that exposure to asbestos fibers could result in mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Many people assume asbestos has been banned in all new products, but to the surprise of most, that is not completely correct. Some of the.......[Read More] [All News]

Identifying Flesh Eating Bacteria and Other Microbial Pathogens with Environmental Testing

LA Testing offers environmental and infection control testing services and sampling supplies to identify pathogens associated with necrotizing fasciitis and other human, animal, and plant infections.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 10th, 2021 Necrotizing fasciitis, commonly referred to as “flesh eating bacteria,” is described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a bacterial infection of the tissue under the skin that surrounds muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels. While these infections are relatively rare, necrotizing fasciitis can result in a loss of limbs and even death. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis, rapid antibiotic treatment, and prompt surgery are very important for stopping these infections. .......[Read More] [All News]

Condo Owners in San Diego Left with Mold Concerns Following Water Damage

LA Testing offers indoor environmental quality (IEQ) testing services, sampling supplies, test kits, and building inspection tools to help identify mold and other potential contaminants following flood damage.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 6th, 2021 Last month, a large water tank on a hill above a condominium complex in San Diego suffered an overflow valve malfunction. The mishap caused an untold amount of water to be released from the tank, flooding several condos at the bottom of the hill. Multiple units suffered extensive damage when up to 9 inches of water entered the homes before the valve could be shut off. Property owners and tenants were left with cleaning up the mess and filing insurance claims. It’s important for those people to.......[Read More] [All News]

National Healthy Homes Month and Indoor Environmental Quality Tips for California Residents

LA Testing provides laboratory services, sampling supplies, test kits, and home inspection tools to identify exposure risks in their homes.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 3rd, 2021 Back in 2016, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) inaugurated the first National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM). “The Power of Partnerships” is the theme for this year’s celebration that offers an opportunity for people to learn about housing and its impact on public health. To help in this effort, HUD published Eight Healthy Homes Principles. It provides practical tips for homeowners and tenants, and includes the following: Keep it Dry - Prevent water from.......[Read More] [All News]

LA Testing’s Ontario, California Lab Receives AIHA-LAP, LLC EMLAP Accreditation for Mold Testing

LA Testing's Ontario, California laboratory is now accredited by AIHA-LAP, LLC EMLAP for fungal analysis in air, bulk, and surface samples.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 2nd, 2021 LA Testing’s Ontario, California laboratory receives accreditation for mold analysis by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA-LAP, LLC) Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Accreditation Program (EMLAP). The laboratory (ID # 283364) can perform fungal analysis in air, bulk, and surface samples. The Ontario location will continue adding and renewing accreditations to provide clients and future customers with the most accurate and up-to-date testing services. In addition, LA.......[Read More] [All News]

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