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FREE Webinar: Indoor Air Quality Analysis

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Webinar Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Analysis - Beyond Dust and Mold
Overview Topics Include:

• Discussion of the changing needs of IAQ professionals and clients
• Limitations of mold and asbestos testing in a complicated world
• The need for more advanced techniques in a variety of situations
• Identification of Dust - Understanding what it can show you
• Introduction to analysis methods (Full PLM, SEM, TEM, EDS, IR)
• How to combine techniques to give you a comprehensive view of a site
• How the right testing can help you generate answers, not just data for your clients
• Sampling “How-to” Guide/Recommendations
• Selecting sampling methods to get the most from your testing
• How to work with a lab to maximize the value of your analysis

Webinar Length: 56 minutes
Speaker Jared Kelly
Title Laboratory Manager
Company EMSL Analytical, Inc.
Jared Kelly is currently the Laboratory Manager of EMSL Analytical Inc.’s Salem, New Hampshire laboratory. The Salem laboratory focuses on customized indoor air quality, industrial hygiene and materials analysis using a host of chemical and electron microscopy techniques as well as supporting manufacturing and R&D communities in the northeast.
Jared has been involved in custom microscopy analysis for the past 20 years, initially learning environmental PLM and SEM analysis in support of environmental chemistry applications. Jared has worked for a number of testing companies supporting traditional indoor air quality and industrial hygiene concerns with specialized support spanning many disciplines, where he has managed labs, as well as designed several industry specific testing protocols to answer analytical needs underserved by traditional analysis.

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