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Legionella 1

Category Microbiology Laboratory
Test Legionella 1

For more information on Legionella please check out our Legionella Website.

Choose one of the following species of Legionella for PCR analysis: L. maceachernii, L. micdadei, L. pneumophila, L. sainthelensi/cincinnatiensis. Quantification and viability is determined by culture if necessary.  Submit a 100 mL sample of water to be used for PCR analysis and 1000 mL of potable water or 250 mL of non-potable water for culture if necessary.

Test Code:

L. pneumophila        M103

L. micdadei              M102

L. sainthelensi/cincinnatiensis     M104

L. maceachernii       M101

Sample retention time - 1 week

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