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Total Coliform by Colilert (Presence/Absence)

Category Microbiology Laboratory
Test Total Coliform by Colilert (Presence/Absence)

LA Testing is capable of detecting total coliforms in drinking water, groundwater or surface water using Colilert.

The Colilert test can detect these bacteria at 1 cfu/100 mL within 24 hours with as many as 2 million heterotrophic bacteria per 100ml present. Non-coliform bacteria, such as species of the genera Aeromonas and Pseudomonas, that produce small amounts of the enzyme b -D-galactosidase are suppressed and generally will not produce a positive response within 28 hours unless more than 104 colony-forming units (CFU)/mL (106 CFU / 100 mL) are present.

Analytical Code: M017

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