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Particle Identification (CPID):SM

Category Product Testing, Characterization & Forensic Lab Services
Test Particle Identification (CPID):SM (Common)

Particle Identification (CPID)SM: (Common)

(Originally Optical Particle ID)


CPID is useful whenever large particles consisting

of common indoor contaminants are present, for

example, “dust bunnies” under the couch or fibrous

particulate collecting on desks. The standard

analytes included in the CPID are:

  • Insulation: fibrous glass & mineral wool
  • Cellulose: cotton fibers, plant matter, paper fiber & starches
  • Synthetic fibers such as polyester from clothing and nylon from rugs
  • Both human and animal hair and skin detritus
  • Biologicals such as mold, pollen, diatoms & algae
  • Insect fragments, moth scales, dust mites and spider silk
  • Minerals are limited to asbestos, quartz (sand) and Calcite

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