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Mechanical Testing

Category Product Testing, Characterization & Forensic Lab Services
Test Mechanical Testing

Physical testing of materials can be performed to determine the rate of failure for nearly any substance: compression, tension, load, modulus, torsion, abrasion, coefficient of friction, etc.

Polymers can be tested for tension, elasticity, and deformation. Steel is examined for tension and torsion limits. EMSL Analytical has completed tensile and flexure analysis for wire down to 0.001", load strength and abrasion resistance analysis for fishing line, strength and surface integrity of flooring systems, torsion analysis for automotive drive shafts, and flexure analysis for building supports.

Concrete cores are examined by compression analysis to determine their maximum load at failure by ASTM C579. Mortar on buildings of historical significance is routinely tested for compressive strength by such ASTM methods as C270 and C579. Compression testing of cement and mortar can be combined with Petrographic Examination: this powerful set of tests identifies all of the components, calculates porosity and fractures, quantitates caustic substances such as sulfates and salts, and identifies potential problems such as non-homogeneous mixtures and soft mortar.

Benchtop Universal Tester
Tinius Olsen Benchtop Universal Tester
Tinius Olsen Universal Tester
Tinius Olsen 200,000 lb Universal Tester
Our equipment can cover your physical testing needs from 1 to 200,000 pounds.

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