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Carbon Black

Category Product Testing, Characterization & Forensic Lab Services
Test Carbon Black

Carbon Black can be the cause of discoloration in buildings.  "Ghosting" along ceilings and studs and blackening effects on carpets and around pictures can be due to airborne carbon black.  Analysis by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) can determine if the material sampled is actually carbon black particles.

Sample collection for airborne Carbon Black should be performed with a 0.1 µm Polycarbonate filter with a minimum volume of 1500 liters.  Dust "wipe" sampling can be performed with a 4x4 inch piece of common "Saran Wrap" or a "Ghost wipe" that can be obtained from our laboratory at no charge.  Do not use tissue, paper towel, or other fibrous materials.  Bulks can be sampled directly by "Glove bag".  Place samples into "Zip-lock" plastic bags for shipping.

Carbon Black is also used in the manufacture of tires, paints, and many other common items.  Evaluation of the component carbon black prior to manufacture can determine if the supplier is meeting your specific requirements.  Analysis after manufacture can determine dispersion, particle size, and agglomeration.

ASTM Carbon Black Methods Available at EMSL Analytical, Inc.

ASTM D1506 Carbon Black - Ash Content

ASTM D1509 Carbon Black - Heating Loss

ASTM D1512 Carbon Black - pH Value

ASTM D1513 Carbon Black - Pelleted-Pour Density

ASTM D1618 Carbon Black Extractables - Toluene Discoloration

ASTM D4527 Carbon Black - Solvents Extractables

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