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Electronics Packaging Failure Analysis

Category Product Testing, Characterization & Forensic Lab Services
Test Electronics Packaging Failure Analysis
At EMSL Analytical, our instrumentation and staff expertise in failure analysis of electronic device packages and interconnection materials enable us to provide quick turnaround service.
Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) is a non-destructive surface analytical technique which can conduct trace analysis, impurity identification, and depth profiling (of the first few atomic layers to ~1000 Å). In addition, AES is a useful tool for analyzing contamination, which can cause poor adhesion, reduced mechanical bond strength, corrosion, and high interconnect resistance.

Cu contamination on Au bonding pad causing poor adhesion
TEM can be an appropriate choice for analyzing crystalline defects, such as voids, stacking faults, dislocations and loops. Knowledge of such defects is very important in understanding stress behavior at interfaces and in bulk electronic materials, and finding the root cause of failure mechanisms. Other typical applications of TEM analysis include measuring the thickness and size of nano-scale thin films, coatings, and features; and, when used with EDX, determining their chemical compositions.

Cross section of solder joint
(SEM/Backscattered Electron Image)
Failure mode analysis of microelectronics packaging utilizes SEM/EDX, including investigations of metal migration, contamination, excessive intermetallic formation, whisker growth, corrosion, delamination and fracture mechanisms. We also use SEM for analysis of patterning and defect characterization of microelectronic devices.
Other techniques such as thin-film XRD and XRF can be used for determining the texture and thickness of thin films and multi-layer thin-film structures. µ-FTIR analysis can provide chemical information about small-area surface contaminants and residuals. We also provide impedance measurement and mechanical testing, further complementing our chemical and microscopy analysis. At EMSL Analytical we are continuously expanding the scope of our analytical capabilities, and look forward to serving our clients with quality conventional and innovative analyses.

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