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Surface Analysis

Category Product Testing, Characterization & Forensic Lab Services
Test Surface Analysis
Surface analysis at EMSL Analytical utilizes a wide array of techniques to solve customers? problems related to surface science, surface engineering, coatings and thin films, contamination, and corrosion. Depending upon the nature of the problem, techniques ranging from SEM/EDX, cross-section TEM, XRD, ?-FTIR, XRF, to AES can be applied to finding the right answer and solutions for our customers.

Depth profile of SiO2 thin film on Si substrate
Our JAMP-10s scanning Auger Electron Spectroscope has a spatial resolution of 50nm in the Auger mode and 25nm in secondary electron image observation, and utilizes an Ar+ sputtering gun for surface cleaning and dynamic analysis. It is also equipped with a lightelement window EDX which makes it a versatile instruments for both surface and nearsurface elemental analysis.
When the nature of a surface contaminant is in question, its chemical composition may be studied by AES, and binding information by ?-FTIR. For coatings, SEM/EDX analysis will provide the information about the morphology, composition, and the binding and interdiffusion between the coating layer and the substrate.

Thin-film XRD analysis can reveal the texture and thickness of the thin film. If the microstructure or interface of a thin film sample is the center of the interest, high-magnification TEM can provide direct observation of structural and crystalline defects. XRF is useful for measuring the thickness of multi-layer thin-film structures, providing yet another non-destructive test method.
These are a few examples from our laboratory?s experience; we look forward to meeting your challenges for high-quality conventional and innovative surface analyses.

AES spectrum of ZnO thin film showing Cl contamination


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