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Water Test Kits - Tap Score

Water science at your service.     Click here to order today!

EMSL is now partnering with Tap Score to combine world-class laboratory science with customer service to ensure testing your water is simple, fast and factual. Everything they do is driven by data and supported by a team of experts ready to answer your questions. 

How it works:

Collect Sample            Ship to Lab                 Get Report

1) Collect Sample              2) Ship to Lab                  3) Get Report  

Tap Score ships everything you need            Send your sample back for                       After the lab analyzes your sample
to test your water, including a guide             rigourous, certified, independent            Tap Score will send you a full 
on how to collect your sample.                       Testing. Shipping is included!                   Report on what is in your water.

Testing For:

City Water            Well Water               Rain Water          Spring Water

 City Water              Well Water           Rain Water          Spring Water 

                                Click here to order today!


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