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Fire Investigation / Combustible Dust

Fire Investigation / Combustible Dust


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Full list of services provided for Fire Investigation Testing ( click for details )
Other   Accelerants
  Carbon Black
  Cigarette Smoke
  Combustible Dust (Core Module) - (OSHA ID 201SG)
  Combustion By-Products
  Crystalline silica, single species (Alpha Quartz, Cristobalite, Tridymite) Air Type
  Full Analysis with All Tests (Class II) - Core Analysis with MEC, MIE, MIT & MPR
  IESO / RIA Standard 6001
  Maximum Rate of Pressure Rise (MPR) - ASTM E1226
  Minimum Explosive Concentration (MEC) - ASTM E1515
  Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) - ASTM E2019
  Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT) - ASTM E1491
  NIOSH 5000 (Gravimetric analysis only for Carbon Black)
  NIOSH 5000 (Includes TEM Confirmation)
  Resistivity for Metal Dust
  Source Confirmation
  Wood Smoke
Laboratories providing Fire Investigation Testing ( click for details )
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