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Title US EPA Test Methods

Chemical/Name Index to EPA Test Methods

Test methods are approved procedures for measuring the presence and concentration of physical and chemical pollutants; evaluating properties, such as toxic properties, of chemical substances; or measuring the effects of substances under various conditions.

The Index was developed to improve access to US EPA test methods. It is an alphabetical list split into 4 sections: A-D, E-M, N-Se, and Sf-Z. You may also download the entire index in Adobe® Reader® format.

To find the correct method, first find the substance or the method type in the list (either by scrolling or by using your web browser's "find" function). The document is set up by keyword in column one, test method number in column two, document number or title (or other source where the text of the test method is found) in column 3, and the part of CFR Title 40 where the test method is located (if applicable). If you don't find the keyword (chemical, analyte, group of chemicals or name of protocol) you want, try a broader term such as "metals" for "mercury" or "pesticides" for "DDT".

For more information about finding test methods, consult Sources of EPA Test Methods.

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