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Publish Date 10/27/2008
Author Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President, Marketing
Title 24 Hour MRSA results.
Introduction Now available by PCR at LA Testing
LA Testing now provides MRSA Analysis of Environmental Samples (swab, bulk, or water). Please note, we are not able to accept clinical specimens for testing. 
LA Testing provides both Culture and PCR Analytical Methods for MRSA that offered in our South Pasadena, CA Laboratory.
Test Code for MRSA by PCR is M203 (Same Day and 24 Hour Results)
Test Code for MRSA by Culture is M133
Hospital-acquired MRSA has been an issue for a number of years but more recently community-acquired or CA-MRSA is becoming an emergent issue

For Pricing and Information, Contact Ben Sublasky at 1-866-798-1089.
MRSA INFORMATION by Dr. Dennis Kinney, EMSL Analytical, Inc. (Westmont, NJ)

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureas (MRSA) is a bacteria that is resistant to a number of commonly used antibiotics. Until recently most cases of MRSA were hospital acquired. Community Acquired MRSA infections have become a reality of late, and sampling of  environments where MRSA outbreaks have occurred, or are likely to occur, may be useful in preventing the spread of infection. MRSA can be spread by direct skin to skin contact or from contact with surfaces that have been contaminated by an infected individual. MRSA is known to survive on environmental surfaces for at least 2 weeks.


MRSA infections are most likely to occur in crowded environments where many people touch the same surfaces. Health Clubs and Gyms are a common site of MRSA infection because exercise machines and mats are shared by all clients. Schools, dormitories, military barracks, and correctional facilities are also common sites of MRSA infection. Swabs from any environmental surface that is touched by a number of people would be useful for determining the presence of MRSA in that particular facility. In general, surfaces that are likely contaminated with MRSA include: doorknobs, sink faucets, toilet handles, gym equipment, and  shared desks or tables.


Approved by the EPA to kill MRSA and VISA (vancomycin-intermediate/resistance S. aureus) as well as a host of other forms of Staphlococcus.

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