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Publish Date 6/12/2018
Author Paul Cochrane
Title Faulty Water Heaters Can Create Carbon Monoxide Hazards or Water Damage and Mold in California’s Homes and Buildings
Introduction LA Testing provides environmental testing services and monitoring instruments to identify carbon monoxide, water damage, mold, lead and asbestos.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 12th, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of water heaters are sold in California each year to replace broken units, to allow people to upgrade to more energy efficient models, or for use in new construction. For many people, as long as there is hot water at the tap, they don’t think much about water heater maintenance and preventive care. This can be a costly mistake.

To prolong the life of a water heater, sacrificial anodes are located in many models to help protect it from internal corrosion. Over time, these may need to be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many plumbing experts also recommend that hot water tanks are flushed once per year to help remove sediment or rust that may have built up over time.

“Water heaters are an essential component to modern life, but they must be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent hazards associated with exposure to carbon monoxide or a tank failure that results in water damage and mold growth,” said Michael Chapman, Laboratory Manager at LA Testing’s Huntington Beach facility. “In fact, one of the more common manmade reasons for a flooding event in a residential or commercial property is due to a leaking water heater.”

If a water heaters does spring a leak, hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water can spread throughout a property in a relatively short period of time. This water will not only damage or destroy building materials, furnishing and belongings; it will also support the growth of mold in 48 hours or less on many materials if moisture remains. Mold is an allergen, respiratory irritant, asthma trigger and some types are even pathogens for people with a weakened immune system. Repairing damage caused by a leaking water heater could also expose building occupants to lead and asbestos hazards in some older properties.

California residents faced with water damage or mold concerns in their home, office or school, can turn to the experts at LA Testing. The company, with laboratory locations throughout California, offers testing services, sampling supplies and test kits for mold, bacteria, lead, asbestos and other exposure issues that commonly occur after a flooding event. LA Testing also provides air monitoring instruments for gases such as carbon monoxide along with moisture meters and other building inspection tools. They even sponsored an online video about water heaters, property damage and mold that can be seen at:

To learn more about this or other property damage, indoor air quality, environmental, occupational, health and safety testing services, please visit, email or call (800) 755-1794. For access to indoor environmental quality (IEQ) test kits, visit   

About LA Testing

LA Testing is California’s leading laboratory for indoor air quality testing of asbestos, mold, lead, VOCs, formaldehyde, soot, char, ash and smoke damage, particulates and other chemicals.  In addition, LA Testing offers a full range of air sampling and investigative equipment to professionals and the general public. LA Testing maintains an extensive list of accreditations including: AIHA LAP LLC., AIHA ELLAP, AIHA EMLAP and AIHA IHLAP, CDC Elite, NVLAP, State of California, State of Hawaii Department of Health and other states.  LA Testing, along with the EMSL Analytical, Inc. network, has multiple laboratories throughout California including South Pasadena, Huntington Beach, San Leandro and San Diego.

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