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Publish Date 6/3/2005
Author Joe Frasca, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Title LA Testing now providing Particle Identification
Introduction Now available in our Los Alamitos, CA Laboratory!

Fibrous particulates are any particles that have substantially parallel sides and an aspect ratio (length to width) of 3:1 or greater. These particles may include, but are not limited to, fiberglass, asbestos, man-made vitreous fibers (MMVF), ceramic fibers, synthetic fibers, gypsum and cellulose. During the course of a spore trap analysis, we do not attempt to identify and differentiate these particulates as this is not within the scope of the analysis.

Many indoor air quality professionals stop investigating the IAQ problem when they have ruled out a "mold" problem.  Identification of fibrous and non-fibrous non-microbially related particulate matter can hold the key to solving other IAQ problems that may be occuring due to recent construction or remodeling activities, faulty heating systems, candle burning or from IAQ contaminations making their way in from outdoor sources from manufacturing, sandblasting or construction activities. 

Many indoor air quality testing laboratories are unable to provide important data in solving non-microbially related IAQ problems.  The use of several instruments along with highly skilled experienced analytical technicians is necessary to provide multiple identifications which are needed in identifying particulates.

LA Testing now provides Particle Identification services that will further allow IAQ professionals to investigate further the IAQ problems where microbial issues have been ruled out. 

For further information on Particle Identification services that LA Testing provides, contact Dr. Don Bissing in our Los Alamitos laboratory at (714) 828-4999

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