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Mold and IAQ Testing Laboratory

Category Press Release
Publish Date 3/7/2017
Author Paul Cochrane
Title Mold Causes Fire Station to Temporarily Shut Down
Introduction LA Testing offers mold and other indoor air quality (IAQ) testing services to identify microbial contaminants and respirable hazards.

Huntington Beach, CA, March 7, 2017  

Last month, The Sun published an article about the temporary closure of a County Fire Department station after the discovery of mold. The modular building was constructed over 40 years ago and is also known to contain asbestos.

According to the article, the exterior of the building is in need of repair. When the exterior of a building is not maintained, it can often allow for moisture to penetrate the building envelop and result in the growth of mold. Elevated levels of airborne mold can cause a host of medical conditions, ranging from respiratory irritation and allergies to triggering asthma attacks in some people with the condition.

Asbestos is another serious concern in many buildings and homes across California. In the past, asbestos was added to many common building materials which continue to cause health and safety concerns when these materials become friable or are disturbed. Asbestos-containing materials may include pipes, wallboards, siding, tiles, flooring, plasters, fireproofing materials, insulation, joint compounds, shingles, caulking, insulation and numerous other products. Exposure to asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. These conditions may not develop until years after exposure.

“As buildings age, and especially if they are not well maintained, water incursions are all too common,” said Michael Chapman, Laboratory Manager of LA Testing’s Huntington Beach facility. “When they occur in older structures, it’s not uncommon to find asbestos and lead-based paints in addition to mold. Any one of these substances can be aerosolized and become a health and safety concern for anyone living or working in the building.”

To help identify mold, lead and asbestos, LA Testing has multiple laboratories throughout California that offer analytical services, sampling supplies and easy-to-use test kits. If test results indicate an issue, corrective actions can then be implemented to eliminate or mitigate any exposure risks.

To learn more about mold, lead, asbestos and other indoor air quality testing services, please visit, email or call (800) 755-1794.  For access to indoor environmental test kits, please visit

About LA Testing

LA Testing is California’s leading laboratory for air quality testing of asbestos, mold, lead, VOCs, formaldehyde, soot, char, ash and smoke damage, particulates and other chemicals. In addition, LA Testing offers a full range of air sampling and investigative equipment to professionals and the general public. LA Testing maintains an extensive list of accreditations including: AIHA LAP LLC., AIHA ELLAP, AIHA EMLAP and AIHA IHLAP, NVLAP, CDC ELITE, State of California, State of Hawaii Department of Health and other states. LA Testing, along with the EMSL Analytical, Inc. network, has multiple laboratories throughout California including Huntington Beach, San Diego, San Leandro and South Pasadena.

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