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Category News
Publish Date 10/20/2004
Author Joe Frasca, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Title ASHRAE to host satellite broadcast on mold
Introduction ATLANTA — Concerns about mold in the building environment are no longer limited to just humid environments or North America.

Mold is now a global concern for designers, contractors, building owners and operators as well as building occupants.

Information on how to properly control moisture and humidity conditions in order to minimize mold will be presented in an April 13, 2005, satellite broadcast and Webcast, "Mold in Our Building Environment," offered by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. ASHRAE's Chapter Technology Transfer Committee will sponsor the program.

"Moisture management and humidity control require a team effort during the design, construction, start-up and operation phases of a facility," said Wilfred Laman, CTTC chairman.

" If any part of the team fails to perform their tasks in proven and prescribed methods, the facility may promote mold formation and growth," he added. "This broadcast will be beneficial to all team members by describing how each should perform their tasks properly."

The level of interest in mold has also expanded to the legal profession due to the claim that "mold is gold" based upon jury awards in mold-related cases, Laman said.

For situations where mold is present, various proven assessment and remediation processes will be addressed for different types of facilities.

Speakers will include biological, chemical, investigative and health experts, design architects, engineers and contractors who specialize in mitigation.

The broadcast will be similar to the 2004 ASHRAE broadcast on homeland security, which was viewed by more than 20,000 viewers at more than 1,500 locations.

Program and site registration details will be announced soon. Questions and requests for site registration materials may be e-mailed to

More information about ASHRAE's work on mold and moisture can be found at

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