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ERMI Test for Mold Concerns in the Home

Category Press Release
Publish Date 12/5/2013
Author Paul Cochrane
Title ERMI Test Can Provide Answers for California Residents with Mold Concerns in their Home
Introduction LA Testing offers the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) test method to help provide answers to people’s concerns over mold in their home.

Garden Grove, CA, December 5, 2013

Most people across California recognize that high levels of indoor mold can cause a variety health issues. Exposure to mold can trigger asthma, cause allergies and other respiratory conditions, and even result in infections in some people.

When people suspect they may have a mold problem and decide to have a home tested, there are a number of different types of tests and sampling methods that can be utilized. One of these is the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, more commonly referred to as ERMI.

Researchers from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the ERMI test method.  It is a DNA-based analysis known as Mold Specific Quantitative PCR (MSQPCR) that detects and quantifies various species of mold. The test provides a standardized and rapid method that identifies the mold burden of a dust sample collected from a home. Carpet dust in a home often acts as a reservoir for mold that has settled over time.

“The ERMI test method looks for a combination of 36 molds from two groups,” said Michael Chapman, Laboratory Manager of LA Testing’s Garden Grove facility. “One group of mold is considered to be species associated with water-damaged environments and the other considered to be found in homes independent of water damage. The results of the test are then compared to a national database that describes the mold burden of the home with a single numeric number. This number typically ranges from -10 to 20 and it is then grouped into one of four levels. The lowest level, ERMI Level 1, represents the least mold burden and thus the home is less likely to have a mold problem.  Each subsequent level indicates a higher mold burden in the home. Level 4 represents the highest level and indicates the greatest likelihood for having a mold problem.”

LA Testing provides the ERMI test method and the sampling supplies needed to take this type of dust sample. They have also recently sponsored an online video about the ERMI test method that can be seen at:

To learn more about ERMI or other indoor air quality and environmental issues, please visit, email or call (800) 755-1794. 

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