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California Testing Lab Analyzes 2-Methylaziridine

Category Press Release
Publish Date 6/4/2012
Author Paul Cocrane
Title California’s Prop 65 and Public Health Concerns over 2-Methylaziridine
Introduction LA Testing provides analytical services to protect the public and help businesses comply with California’s Proposition 65.


In 1986, California voters approved an initiative to address increasing concerns over exposure to toxic chemicals. That initiative, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, is better known by its original name of Proposition 65. 

Proposition 65 requires businesses to notify Californians about significant amounts of chemicals in the products they purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. This list includes 2-Methylaziridine, also known as 1,2-Propyleneimine which was added to the Prop 65 list in 1988. 

2-Methylaziridine is used as an intermediate in the paper, textile, rubber and pharmaceutical industries. It is a fuming, colorless, oily liquid with a strong, ammonia-like odor. One of its main uses is to improve the adhesion of latex surface-coating resins.  People working in these industries may be exposed to this chemical.  The Prop 65 list indicates it is a known cancer risk.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2-Methylaziridine is “severely irritating to the eyes and upper respiratory tract from acute (short-term) inhalation exposure in humans. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, bronchitis, shortness of breath, and edema of the lungs have also been reported in humans.” The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified 1,2-propyleneimine as a Group 2B, possible human carcinogen.

LA Testing offers analytical services to identify 2-Methylaziridine to help prevent worker exposure to this potentially harmful chemical. “Exposure to 2-Methylaziridine has resulted in tumors of the mammary glands and intestines, leukemia, and other tumor types from oral exposure in laboratory test animals according to the EPA,” reported Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President, Marketing at LA Testing and EMSL Analytical, Inc., a network of environmental testing laboratories. “Environmental sampling in industries that use this chemical can help identify worker exposure issues,” he continued.  

To learn more about testing for 2-Methylaziridine or other Proposition 65 testing services, please visit, email or call (800) 755-1794. 

About LA Testing and EMSL Analytical, Inc.
LA Testing and EMSL Analytical are providers of environmental testing services and products to professionals and the general public. The companies have an extensive list of accreditations from leading organizations as well as state and federal regulating bodies.

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