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LA Testing and Asbestos

Category Press Release
Publish Date 12/2/2011
Author Paul Cochrane
Title Strong Santa Ana Winds Leave Property Damage across Southern California
Introduction LA Testing provides lead and asbestos testing services to protect people as they rebuild properties following historic wind storm damage.

Garden Grove, CA, December 2nd, 2011


Hurricane force gusts were recorded in parts of California this week due to strong Santa Ana winds.  The Santa Ana winds also left a widespread area of damage and destruction in some areas across the state. 


In Los Angeles, hundreds of power lines were down and wind gusts of 80 mph were recorded in lower-lying areas.  Southern California Edison reported over 200,000 households without power, many due to large trees that knocked out power lines.  In addition to the loss of power, countless homes and businesses were damaged by falling trees.


With the most powerful winds now gone, the affected areas are busy restoring services and property owners are inspecting damaged properties.  Many of these older properties contain lead based paints and asbestos containing materials.  These materials, which were recently disturbed by the wind damage, may be an immediate hazard to people as they shift through their damaged properties and belongings.  They also pose a potential threat to demolition crews and reconstruction professionals.


According to the EPA, “Today, asbestos is most commonly found in older homes, in pipe and furnace insulation materials, asbestos shingles, millboard, textured paints and other coating materials, and floor tiles.  Elevated concentrations of airborne asbestos can occur after asbestos-containing materials are disturbed by cutting, sanding or other remodeling activities. Improper attempts to remove these materials can release asbestos fibers into the air in homes, increasing asbestos levels and endangering people living in those homes.” 


“In addition to the potential asbestos hazards, many older properties have lead-based paints in them,” reported Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President, Marketing at EMSL Analytical and LA Testing, leading asbestos and lead testing laboratories. “Lead is of special concern in households and businesses that have young children in them.  Fortunately simple tests can determine if lead or asbestos are present,” he continued.


LA Testing and EMSL Analytical have recently sponsored an online video to educate the public about asbestos dangers in the home.  It can be seen at:


To learn more about asbestos, lead or other environmental testing services please visit, email or call (800) 755-1794. 


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