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Category Press Release
Publish Date 6/24/2022
Author Paul Cochrane
Title California Air Resources Board Reaches Settlement with Manufacturing Company for Products that Violated Air Quality Regulations
Introduction LA Testing provides product testing services to identify volatile organic compounds and other chemicals to protect consumers and to help companies comply with California regulations.

Huntington Beach, CA, June 24th, 2022

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently announced a settlement agreement for $299,000 with an out-of-state manufacturer of paints, coatings and specialty materials for violations of the state’s air quality regulations. The company was alleged to have sold, supplied and offered for sale noncompliant paint thinners and aerosol clear-coating products that were manufactured for use in California, but exceeded the state’s air quality requirements.

According to the CARB announcement, the paint thinner products contained concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and aromatic compounds that exceeded state standards. Additionally, the aerosol coating products exceeded the reactivity limit for clear coating as specified in state regulation. The settlement money will go to the CARB Air Pollution Control Fund, which provides resources for projects and research to improve California's air quality, and to fund a supplemental environment project.

“This case is a reminder for companies doing business in California that these regulations exist and can be costly if not properly followed,” said Michael Chapman, Laboratory Manager at LA Testing’s Huntington Beach facility. “There are actually more than 100 categories of products sold in the state that are subject to its Consumer Products Program limiting volatile organic compounds. At LA Testing, our product specialists and environmental scientists are here to assist manufacturers, importers and retailers that conduct business in California with material, off-gassing and other product testing services to help ensure regulatory compliance.”

To learn more about VOCs, aromatic compounds or other consumer product, environmental, health and safety testing services, please visit, email or call (800) 755-1794.

About LA Testing

LA Testing is California’s leading laboratory for indoor air quality testing of asbestos, mold, lead, VOCs, formaldehyde, soot, char, ash, and smoke damage, particulates, and other chemicals.  In addition, LA Testing offers a full range of air sampling and investigative equipment to professionals and the public. LA Testing maintains an extensive list of accreditations including: AIHA-LAP, LLC (AIHA-LAP, LLC EMLAP, AIHA-LAP, LLC IHLAP, AIHA-LAP, LLC ELLAP), CDC ELITE, NVLAP, State of California, State of Hawaii Department of Health, and other states.  LA Testing, along with the EMSL Analytical, Inc. network, has multiple laboratories throughout California including South Pasadena, Huntington Beach, San Leandro, San Diego, and Ontario.
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