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Category News
Publish Date 5/13/2009
Author Ben Sublasky
Title LA Testing Offers Decades of Experience to California Environmental Investigators
Introduction How important is it to know that you are dealing with asbestos?

According to a recent fact sheet released by the Environmental Information Association (EIA) in conjunction with the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), “All forms of Asbestos, including Chrysotile, are Carcinogenic”.  In addition, a Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet (CAFS) was developed and released recently.


In their joint statement, both organizations (along with a number of other well-respected groups) concluded that there was enough supporting evidence to substantiate their stance. While asbestos, in general, has long been a known carcinogen, there are various organizations that attempt to detract from the exposure risk to chrysotile asbestos.  Well-known groups like the World Health Organization (WHO) have released statements that indicate that “even low levels of exposure appear to increase cancer risk.” Again, according to the EIA and ADAO release, asbestos as a whole is carcinogenic.


With all of these respected organizations consistently releasing information about asbestos related cancer risks, it is helpful to know that LA Testing can help minimize asbestos exposures by consistently providing accurate results that can be relied upon to make the necessary decisions for any asbestos case.


It is crucial to investigators that they can rely on their results as remediation expenditures can increase significantly if their results are not accurate. If your results are reliable, as with LA Testing’s results, then better decisions can be made regarding remediation, construction, safety protocols and personal protective equipment.


“When it comes to the analysis of your asbestos samples, LA Testing’s analysts bring investigators ‘peace of mind’ by knowing that their years of experience in the asbestos industry are being applied to the analysis of their samples,” reported Ben Sublasky, National Director of Client Services for EMSL Analytical and LA Testing. “Additionally, training programs, proprietary quality control procedures along with proficiency testing ensures that their clients are getting the highest possible accuracy applied to each and every sample.”