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Category News
Publish Date 3/25/2009
Author Paul Cochrane
Title LA Testing Expands Materials Testing Laboratory in Pasadena with Addition of FTIR capabilities
Introduction EMSL continues calculated expansion of Materials Testing capabilities in the Los Angeles area by introducing Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy.

Due to client demand FTIR services are now available at LA Testing.  FTIR is a technique used primarily for the analysis of organic compounds as well to determine the chemical structure of inorganic compounds. Since chemical bonds absorb infrared energy at specific wavelengths, the basic structure of compounds can be determined by the spectral locations of their infrared absorptions.


When analyzing a sample utilizing infrared spectroscopy, infrared (IR) radiation is passed through the sample. A portion of that radiation is absorbed by the sample and the remaining portion passes through the sample or is ‘transmitted’.


A resulting molecular fingerprint is created by molecular absorption and transmission or ‘spectrum’.  The subsequent spectrum characterizes the transmission and the molecular absorption thus creating a molecular fingerprint.


What exactly can FTIR provide?


                    Materials inspection

                    Product comparison

                    Quality control

                    Presence of contaminants

                    Analysis of unknown substances


The supplemental chemical analysis capability of infrared spectroscopy (IR) combined with existing microscopy techniques is a noteworthy enhancement for the interpretation of information acquired by either of the two techniques.


“LA Testing continues its strategic growth by methodically distributing its extensive experience throughout our network. Our experience in compositing spectroscopic analysis by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy with microscopic examination is unsurpassed throughout the environmental industry,” reported Ben Sublasky, National Director of Client Services for EMSL Analytical and LA Testing.   


LA Testing operates laboratories in Los Alamitos and Pasadena, California.  The laboratories are staffed with some of the industry’s most respected scientists who utilize state-of-the-art equipment to provide analyses for food safety, environmental, industrial hygiene, indoor air quality and other important testing services.  For more information on FTIR Services contact Dr. Jerry Drapala at (800)303-0047.