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California’s Wildfire Season Results in Smoke Damage to Thousands of Homes and Businesses

LA Testing provides analytical services and test kits to identify smoke damage and soot residues to assist with insurance claims and remediation efforts.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 18th, 2017 This year, many parts of California have experienced an active wildfire season. There have already been thousands of wildfires caused by humans and lightning strikes. These blazes have ranged in size from a few acres to tens of thousands of acres.  A number of these wildfires have caused widespread evacuations and several hundred homes and structures have been destroyed by flames. While in some years, the number of burnt buildings had been higher at this time in the fire season, the damage due.......[Read More] [All News]

Many Southeast Los Angeles County Residents Not Satisfied With Lead Contamination Cleanup

LA Testing provides environmental laboratory services to identify hazardous materials such as toxic heavy metals and other industrial pollutants.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 17th, 2017 For years, residents in parts of southeast Los Angeles County have heard from media reports and public health experts about potential lead contamination around their homes, schools and businesses. The contamination stems from a former battery recycling plant that operated in Vernon for years before it closed its doors. In addition to lead, the facility released harmful toxic chemicals into the air, including arsenic, benzene and 1,3-butadiene. The L.A. County Department of Public Health (DPH).......[Read More] [All News]

Riverside Apartment Complex Damaged by Fire Remains Vacant as Neighbors Worry about Asbestos

LA Testing provides analytical services and sampling supplies to help protect the public and workers from airborne exposure risks to hazardous materials.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 16th, 2017 Last month, The Press-Enterprise published an article about a large apartment complex that was damaged by fire and has sat vacant for years in downtown Riverside, California. The report described residents’ frustrations with the eyesore and concerns many have due to the likely presence of asbestos in the structure. The owners claim that action will be taken soon on the property that was built in 1968. Buildings that have outlived their useful lives or have been severely damaged are routinely.......[Read More] [All News]

Tuberculosis Infections in California Still a Public Health Concern

LA Testing offers cutting edge testing services to identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis from environmental samples to help prevent infections.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 9th, 2017 Earlier this summer, Solano County’s Daily Republic published a news article about the impact tuberculosis (TB) continues to have with residents of California. The article reported that there are typically around 24 cases of TB identified annually in the county and at least 2,000 new cases are detected statewide each year. TB is caused by a bacterium known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It attacks the lungs, but can also attack other parts of the body, including the kidneys, spine and brain........[Read More] [All News]

California Residents Concerned Over Formaldehyde Off-Gassing from Laminate Floors Can Get Answers

LA Testing provides analytical services to help determine if people are being exposed to elevated levels of formaldehyde in their homes, schools and offices.

Huntington Beach, CA, August 3rd, 2017 Many California residents are now better informed of potential indoor exposure hazards to dangerous chemicals after a “60 Minutes” broadcast about formaldehyde emissions coming from Chinese laminate flooring a few years back. The investigative report hit home with the state’s residents after it was revealed that over 100 boxes of the laminate flooring that was tested had been purchased from stores across California. The average level of formaldehyde found from these flooring samples.......[Read More] [All News]

Protecting Workers in California from Solvent Exposure Hazards

LA Testing offers industrial hygiene testing services, sampling supplies, monitoring instruments and personal protective equipment to safeguard employees.

Huntington Beach, CA, July 27th, 2017 It is not uncommon for many types of business in California to have solvents inside their buildings. Whether used as a cleaning agent or as an essential component in the production or manufacturing process, solvents play an important role in many industries. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) describes solvents as substances that are capable of dissolving or dispersing one or more other substances. Most solvents are liquids, but they can also be a solid or a gas. Tox.......[Read More] [All News]

California Residents Reminded of Summer Air Quality Concerns

LA Testing provides air quality testing services, sampling kits and monitoring equipment to identify a wide range of airborne pollutants.

Huntington Beach, CA, July 14, 2017 In June, the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department and Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District published a reminder for area residents about air quality issues they may face during the hot summer months. The release specifically mentions wildfires, particulate matter (PM) and ozone issues that are fairly common this time of year. The public notice also provides indoor air quality (IAQ) tips for minimizing exposure to these pollutants. Residents are advised to avoid burning candles or.......[Read More] [All News]

Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease in California’s Health Care Facilities

LA Testing offers PCR and traditional culturing methods to quickly and accurately identify the environmental pathogen the causes Legionnaires’ disease.

Huntington Beach, CA, July 10, 2017 According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), there are approximately 250 cases of legionellosis reported every year in California. Legionellosis is a respiratory disease caused by inhaling Legionella bacteria found in small droplets of water. Infection can result in a serious form of pneumonia known as Legionnaires' disease. The same bacteria can also cause Pontiac fever, a less serious infection. Many people exposed to Legionella do not become ill, but there are some groups that are.......[Read More] [All News]