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Water Damage and Mold Contamination Complaints at California Hotel

LA Testing offers mold and other indoor air quality (IAQ) testing services to identify microbial contaminants and respiratory concerns.

Huntington Beach, CA, February 23, 2017  Recently, KFSN-TV broadcasted a report about tenants at a long-term hotel in California who have complained to city leaders about water damage and widespread mold throughout the complex. Tenants interviewed for the story claimed the landlord hasn’t properly fixed leaks and that they are being forced to live in substandard and unhealthy conditions.Mold can become a problem indoors when spores land, or are already present, on a wet or damp area, allowing them to grow indoors. As mold grows,.......[Read More] [All News]

Over 100 LAPD Officers and Employees from the Same Station File Worker Compensation Claims Due to Respiratory Concerns

LA Testing offers mold and other indoor air quality (IAQ) testing services and sampling supplies to identify airborne irritants and hazards.

Huntington Beach, CA, February 20, 2017  Last month, the Los Angeles Times published a report about health concerns at one of the city’s police stations. According to the article, over 100 police officers and civilian employees have filed worker compensation claims due to concern about respiratory issues and unsanitary conditions.Exposure to bird droppings, feathers and mold are a major issue for the officers and employees that work out of the facility. Exposure to high levels of mold in the air can lead to serious health.......[Read More] [All News]

Potential Community-Acquired MRSA Infections Investigated in California Beach Community

LA Testing offers environmental and surface testing services to identify microbial pathogens to help prevent infections and outbreaks.

Huntington Beach, CA, February 15, 2017  Over recent months, there have been several published reports about concerns over antibiotic-resistant infections in California. In December, LA Weekly reported that the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health was investigating reports of the possibility of multiple cases of infections due to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The same publication reported last month that county health officials have stated that there has been no increased risk of MRSA infections in the.......[Read More] [All News]

Legionnaires' Disease Discovered at a California Nursing Home

LA Testing provides analytical services and sampling supplies to help detect Legionella outbreaks.

Huntington Beach, CA, February 13, 2017  A resident from a California nursing home tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease. A local news station reported that the facility shut off access to the water supply under the direction of state and local health officials as well as supplied bottled water and ordered new shower heads after Legionella species were identified in multiple areas of the nursing home.Legionella bacteria is found naturally in the environment and in man-made environments, usually in water. Past outbreaks have.......[Read More] [All News]

Los Angeles County Residents Concerned Over Hexavalent Chromium Exposure Hazards

LA Testing provides analytical services and testing supplies to identify hexavalent chromium and other exposure hazards.

Huntington Beach, CA, February 9, 2017  In 2013, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) responded to community complaints of a metallic odor thought to be coming from a metal forging and grinding operation in a town in Los Angeles County. Air monitoring for toxic air contaminants has been ongoing in this area ever since.Last December, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health sent directives to two companies in the affected area after monitoring and air tests conducted by the SCAQMD indicated that hexavalent.......[Read More] [All News]

Santa Monica Tenants Concerned Over Asbestos Dust at Renovation Project

LA Testing offers analytical services, sampling supplies and test kits to identify asbestos hazards to protect workers and the public.

Huntington Beach, CA, February 6, 2017  Last month, the Santa Monica Daily Press published a story about asbestos exposure concerns of some residents living at an apartment complex in Santa Monica. According to the article, contractors renovating the complex began scraping off asbestos-containing popcorn ceilings in some of the vacant units. Residents now fear they have been exposed to asbestos fibers in the air they breathe.In addition to asbestos-containing popcorn ceilings, other materials at the complex have also reportedly been.......[Read More] [All News]

Water Damage from Recent California Storms Causes Indoor Mold Concerns

LA Testing offers mold and indoor air quality (IAQ) testing services to identify property damage and microbial contaminants following water damage.

Huntington Beach, CA, January 26, 2017  Historically low rainfall amounts over the past several years have plagued California, but much of the state has experienced an exceptionally wet winter so far this year. Heavy winter rains have saturated the ground and caused mudslides and flooding in many areas. Thick snow, at levels not seen in years, has also blanketed many mountain communities in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.The precipitation is a welcome sign for the drought-ridden state, but in a number of circumstances, it has also caused.......[Read More] [All News]

California Veterans Memorial Hall to Replace Asbestos-Containing Flooring Materials

LA Testing offers analytical services and sampling supplies to identify asbestos in materials and from environmental samples to prevent exposure hazards.

Huntington Beach, CA, January 12, 2017  In December, the Daily News reported that an asbestos abatement project had been scheduled at a Veteran Memorial Hall in California. According to the article, the flooring in the main area has deteriorated over time and underneath it are materials that are known to contain asbestos.In the past, asbestos was used in some floor tiles, sheet vinyl, backing materials, adhesives and glues. Its ability to strengthen and increase the durability of these materials made it popular. Flooring materials were.......[Read More] [All News]